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Hip hop Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Hip jump - Essay Example It was engaging utilizing word references to compose rhymes and rapping about science and issues that influenced the society.Hip jump is comprised of four fundamental components: DJing,MCing, Breakdancing and Aerosol Art (Graffiti).AfrikaBambaatana, prominently known as ‘Godfather of Hip-hop,’ spearheaded the main aesthetic fights that consolidated the four components of hip-bounce as a strategy in subbing vicious debates. Conversation In the ongoing occasions, hoodlum rap has developed to become standard and along these lines affecting kids so much that they don’t have enthusiasm for tuning in to hip-jump that neglects to make reference to pimping, smoking of blunts or drinking(Holmes&Brad,2008). Media then again has assumed a significant job in fusinggangster rap and hip-jump. Hoodlum rap is characterized under MCing, and this is only one â€fourth of what hip-bounce is comprised of. It is in this manner not consistent to characterize hip-bounce basing on criminal rap since it doesn't address the commitment made by the other three components. Be that as it may, hoodlum rap has been glamorized by the corporate media(Holmes and Brad, 2008). They have figured out how to utilize it in advertising of their items and naming it ‘Hip-hop.’ It is without question that in our ongoing society, hip-bounce has end up being entirely attractive thus being utilized as a promoting methodology for selling items extending from garments to shoes to alcohol to dolls, simply notice yet a couple. Most corporate organizations which utilize hip-jump to publicize and advance their items have prompted the development of postmodern age of young people with huge purchasing power. These corporate organizations are on the front in conjecturing instructional methods of utilizations as a method of appropriating the distinctions confronting the young people in various areas and locales. For example, Co-cola Company utilized a well known tune ‘Wavin g Flag’ by a Somali conceived performer K’naan. The tune got loads of consideration from the young everywhere throughout the world on account of its solid message and engaging cadence. Coca-Cola Company more likely than not picked the melody as a result of its wealth in culture and the vitality. The melody blends the Ethiopian culture in with that of different pieces of the world. K’naan’s tune is wealthy in language and strangely consolidates the Canadian articulation with the Somali inflection. For this situation, the melody has figured out how to unite the two dialects and along these lines the young people originating from the two areas welcome each other’s language just as culture. Being a Somali conceived and living in Canada,K’Naan has figured out how to carry individuals from various races along with his tune. The tune was consistently acclaimed by individuals from various races since it didn't look downward on different races. Coke effectively figured out how to utilize K’Naan’s tune as a battle melody for the 2010 Fifa World Cup competition in Africa. The music caught the host-continent’s soul and the celebratory mind-set related with soccer in arenas. Coke needed a melody that could cross outskirts effectively and catch people’s heart. They required a melody that would be in accordance with its reality promoting system, a tune that would open bliss and carry happiness to its objective gathering. The craftsman was additionally to have a motivating backstory(Duane, 2010). Coke’s showcasing group began to look all starry eyed at K’Naan, his worldwide childhood and the broad tune and chorale of his tune, â€Å"Waving’ Flag†. The tune talked of K’

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Euthanasia and end of life issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Willful extermination and end of life issues - Essay Example Killing, the act of closure life, is one of the issues that include moral problems. This paper investigates moral speculations to willful extermination and end of life. Morals characterizes a society’s ethical quality regarding what is affirmed to be acceptable and what is endorsed to be terrible. Acts, both of oversight or of commission, are subsequently moral when they meet a society’s affirmed conduct and dishonest when they are conflicting. Such is the premise of the issue of willful extermination that appearances clashing assessments from changed moral points of view and influenced parties. An individual in incredible agony without trust in enhancements and is holding back to kick the bucket, may for instance want help to encourage their demise while such a demonstration may not be satisfactory to mind work force or the patient’s close family members. Legitimate callings that supplement proficient morals and patients’ rights additionally assume a note worthy job. These variables in this way actuates difficulty on care morals approach that accommodates a positive connection among guardians and patients (Bube n.p.). While the two gatherings should get utility from the connection among patients and care staff, clashing enthusiasm between the gatherings over use of killing calls for utilization of other moral standards. A thought of outsider intrigue, for example, those of family members and lawful arrangements, heightens the situation over whose intrigue ought to be incomparable. Moral hypotheses of teleology, deontology, and goodness morals anyway offer rules to deciding profound quality of killing and end of life issues (Bube n.p.). The general teleological way to deal with morals includes assessment of results of an activity on the general public as far as advantages and damages that are gathered from a demonstration. Acts that lead to net advantages, a greater number of advantages than hurt, are along these lines considered mora l while acts that yield net mischief to the biggest segment of the general public are viewed as exploitative. Utilitarian morals has a double way to deal with willful extermination and helped passings with certain translations recognizing absence of morals in the training while others contend that the demonstration is moral. Among sentiments that contend for utilitarian morals are three advantages of consummation lives of terminal patients who are experiencing torment as they anticipate their demise. One of the valuable results of killing is its acknowledgment of a patient’s self-rule in choices about their last days. This is on the grounds that drawing out a person’s life against their longing breaks the moral rule of independence and may not yield utility to the enduring patient. It thusly permits patients to choose what will profit them more. The training likewise has the advantages of dispensing with misery, in a patient and among family members, in situations wher e such sufferings can't be overseen and the patient condition break down towards death. Willful extermination additionally comforts patients with the expectation that it for all time eases them of their agony (Bube n.p.). Utilitarian sentiments against willful extermination anyway contend that a patient may settle on choice to utilize the procedure yet under pressure from either care suppliers or family and the procedure would in this way not advantage the patient. An utilitarian way to deal with killing ought to subsequently think about each segregated case to decide potential advantages and damages to every partner, particularly the patient (Bube n.p.). Deontological point of view of killing anyway includes thought of set up moral standards practically speaking. In willful extermination, for instance, deontological morals compare to set up moral implicit rules in the consideration calling. The principal that guides deontological morals in killing is ensuring understanding self-gov ernance. The patient should anyway be at death's door, is educated regarding the

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Remove Outdated Content Link from Search Results and Cache

Remove Outdated Content Link from Search Results and Cache While blogging we create many content and publish posts regularly. Sometimes we delete post due to error and outdated. Sometimes we publish post about SEO and after SEO rules change we delete the content from our Blog. Beside of this sometime I found a problem that after publishing the post only one post showing in my blog homepage and other post are showing on next page. So I delete that post and publish again for solving this issue. But after deleting Blog link Blogger won't notice that delete link still available on Google Search engine and cache. So visitors maybe find this link on search engine and if they click on that link then in your Blog it will display 404 error page with page not found message. And instantly Google count this link as crawl error. And a notification will send in Google Webmaster tools account under crawl error section. So for avoiding this kinds of problem you have to remove the link from Google search result and cache page thus new visitors can't click on deleted content or post link. For remove Links from Google search Results and Cache I will use Google link removal tools. In this tutorial I will show you the way to remove link that will help you to reduce crawl error. Step 1Go to Log in to yourGoogleAccount Step 2Now it will redirect you in Remove outdated content page. And there in the Enter URL of outdated content. And click on REQUEST REMOVAL red button. Step 3After that Analyzing URL window will open. From there click on Request Removal blue button. Step 4You will see the link removal request status is pending. It will take certain period of time to remove the link from Google search result and cache. But after removing from search result Status will be show as Removed. However if you think you just made a mistake and wrong link removedaccidentallythen you can click onreinclude text link. So Google will re include your link on their search engine. That's it you have successfully remove the link from Google search result and Cache. But Googlebot will visit your Blog within shortest period of time. If they don't find the deleted link on your Blog then Google won't index it next time. This is very easy to remove link and now you will be able to do it by yourself. Thank you.

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Oedipus Tragic Hero Analysis - 936 Words

A king must possess select components of bravery, pride, and determination that coincide with one another in a manner to which others will perceive as commendable. Nevertheless, the very qualities that make a king rise above his citizens may be the exact characteristics that lead to his downfall. This concept could be correlated to the acclaimed work of Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, whereby the epitome of a tragic hero is created in the main character, Oedipus. Moreover, Sophocles has characterized Oedipus to be the embodiment of a respectable leader, possessing both extreme pride and relentless determination, which later proves to be the fatal flaw leading to his eventual, inescapable demise. This is due to how Sophocles codified this†¦show more content†¦During the transition from the beginning to the end of his rule the hubris, or the excessive amount of pride in one’s character, expressed by Oedipus has transformed into what may be- ironically- identified as a god c omplex. The expression of admiration from Theban citizens towards Oedipus in recognition for being the king and hero of Thebes has inflated Oedipus’ self-worth to the point where it is not pride, but arrogance. â€Å"Here I am myself- you all known me, the world knows my fame: I am Oedipus.† (7-9, Oedipus Rex) While his ego escalates from the relentless devotion of his citizens Oedipus establishes a god complex of his own design, no longer caring about the gods nor fate, instead believing that destiny and the future are under his own control rather than being something predetermined.â€Å"You pray to the gods? Let me grant your prayers.† (245, Oedipus Rex) â€Å"You can’t hurt me or anyone else who sees the light- you can never touch me.† (427-8, Oedipus Rex) Oedipus even displays his authority when he refers to the chorus as his children, donning the role of a patriarch who assumes power over those he perceives as inferior or unworthy. In spite o f this, the honorable life Oedipus built for himself in Thebes shifts into one that is unrecognizable, as the truthShow MoreRelatedAn Analysis of Oedipus and Aristotles Definition of the Tragic Hero2569 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿An Analysis of Oedipus and Aristotles Definition of the Tragic Hero Introduction In the Poetics, Aristotle provides an outline of how the artist is to portray or represent the perfect Tragedy. A Tragedy, of course, was nothing more than a drama, in which the characters appeared better than in real life (in a comedy, they appeared worse, according to Aristotle). Aristotles Poetics makes several references to other dramatic works to illustrate his points, but he most commonly calls uponRead MoreAnalysis of Oedipus As an Aristotelian Tragic Hero in Sophocles Oedipus Rex1799 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Oedipus as an Aristotelian tragic hero Although one might be inclined to express uncertainty concerning the role of Sophocles Oedipus as a tragic hero (when regarding matters from a general point of view), the character perfectly fits Aristotles definition of a tragic hero. The protagonist in Oedipus Rex is noble and can be appreciated for his greatness, considering that he embodies a series of virtuous attributes. Even with this, he is not perfect and thus makes it possible for readers toRead MoreOedipus : The King Of Thebes And Tragic Hero Essay728 Words   |  3 PagesOedipus: The King of Thebes and Tragic Hero Ancient Greek Literature encompasses an assortment of poetry and drama to include the great masterpieces of tragedy. In Classic Literature, tragedies were commonly known for their elaboration of a protagonist fitting the classification of a tragic hero. This type of a tragic hero often collectively described as a character of noble birth, facing an adversity of some nature and a fate of great suffering. The characteristics of what encompassed a tragic heroRead MoreOedipus-a Tragic Hero706 Words   |  3 PagesRunning head: Oedipus-A Tragic Hero Research Paper ENGL 102: Literature and Composition) Fall 2015 Melinda Meeds L26683811 APA Outline Thesis: In Sophocles’ â€Å"Oedipus†, Oedipus is exemplified as a tragic hero according to Aristotle’s definition because his story appeals to the reader’s humanity in the way he maintains his strengths after inadvertently causing his own downfall. I. Oedipus A. The noble birth. B. Describe Oedipus’ character. II. Tragedy A. DescribeRead MoreOedipus the King: A Greek Tragic Hero Essay516 Words   |  3 Pagesstructured analysis of the â€Å"tragic hero† of Greek drama. In his work, Poetics, he defines a tragic hero as â€Å"...The man who on the one hand is not pre-eminent in virtue and justice, and yet on the other hand does not fall into misfortune through vice or depravity, but falls because of some mistake; one among the number of the highly renowned and prosperous.† Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero is clearly shown by the main character in the Greek tragedy Oedipus the King by Sophocles. Oedipus, the protagonistRead MoreHamartia in Oedipus Rex and Death of a Salesman834 Words   |  3 PagesHamartia in Oedipus Rex and Death of a Salesman Hamartia is defined as a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero. Aristotle defines a tragic hero to be a man â€Å"who is not completely good and just, whose misfortune is brought out not by vice or immorality, but by some error or weakness.† The three key requirements of Aristotle in regards to a tragic hero are; a high social standing, goodness or moral excellence, or error committed by the hero in unawareness or ignorance. Two quality examplesRead MoreOedipus, A Tragic Hero1648 Words   |  7 Pages Oedipus, a Tragic Hero Bob Livingston Liberty University â€Æ' Sophocles presented the world with Oedipus around 2500 years ago. Never-the-less, the story remains among the most riveting of all time. He was, in fact, a man that was driven by a very high internal moral standard. It was that internal moral standard that ultimately entwined him in a sequence of events and circumstances that placed him in the spousal relationship with his mother. Oedipus, in fact, can truly be regarded as a tragic heroRead MoreOedipus As A Tragic Hero1724 Words   |  7 Pagesstory of Oedipus, Oedipus is considered a â€Å"Tragic Hero† because of the tragic fate and effect that he had upon his life. My definition of a tragedy is a great loss that has a unhappy ending to which concluded me to state that Oedipus falls under that category. Throughout the book, Oedipus is leading himself to his own destruction when trying to find the killer of the late King Laios. So when a journal article I found published by The John Hopkins University Press stated that a â₠¬Å"tragic hero is a manRead MoreHuman Conscience And Destiny In Oedipus The King By Sophocles1447 Words   |  6 Pageselaborate, than â€Å"Oedipus the King† by Sophocles, but there is not a single one, in which the philosophical depth and tragic strength would be combined with such incomparable sophistication, noble grace and structural perfection. The image of a monstrous Sphinx with the face of a woman, wings, sharp claws, the body of a lion and mysteriously dangerous speech penetrates the whole tragedy as an incorporation of destiny and unknown future. The following research represents a critical analysis of the Sophocles’Read MoreHamlet vs. Oedipus Essay898 Words   |  4 PagesCharacter Analysis of Prince Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Oedipus in Oedipus King by Sophocles In Aristotles literary discourse, Poetics, he discusses his theory of tragedy, wherein he introduces the concepts of tragic flaw or hamartia, which serves as the catalyst for the protagonists downfall or the tragedy of the story to happen. He determines a tragedy as a drama that brings about a sorrowful conclusion, arousing fear and pity in the audience (Roberts and Jacobs

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Essay about John Locke´s Flawless Government - 860 Words

As human beings we are constantly at war with each other, because we believe we are all right. This common misconception leads to a war of all against all, and creates pandemonium. As a result, we create governments to maintain control. Obviously there is no such thing as a perfect government, and there will never be a perfect government. However, there are some methods of governing that come extremely close to achieving an ideal government. John Locke offers a way of governing, which I believe comes remarkably close to creating a flawless government. John Locke constructs a government that is controlled by the will of the people, which can easily be abolished if it does not adhere to protecting their fundamental rights of the people. For†¦show more content†¦When every individual consents, they create a community/ political society, and they give up power necessary for the overall good of the society. This agreement between freemen of capable reason to unite and give up perfect freedom, judgment, and punishment in order to create a society is what John Locke believes gives way to a lawful government not just for a country but for the world. This form of government is â€Å"based upon the bond of trust between the people and their authority† (Second). Also, any breach of this bond of trust between the governed and governor would fall under the judgment of the governed. They would have the ability to replace the government with new administration, change it completely, or even create an entirely new structure of government. For John Locke a thriving government only exists if it has the consent of the people, and if it can someday be eradicated if it fails the people. John Locke’s experience with a monarchy’s brings legitimacy to his argument because he’s not basing his theory on an already existing successful government. He is instead trying to move towards a government that differs from the one he experienced, because he wants a government that respects the natural rights of men, which should be the main goal of every form of government. Personally, I assume that eighty percent of the people around me are complete morons, and if there was no government, theyShow MoreRelatedSocial Contract Theory And The Transition From State Of Nature1599 Words   |  7 PagesI’m going to discuss the Social Contract theory, and how the transition from State of Nature to government was considered a contract. Was there ever a timeframe when men lived outside of social orders and how was it? , How did men get away from that period and go into another time of social orders? Was it through power or shared understanding? Once a type of gov ernment is picked or selected, who runs it and is the privileges of the individual safeguarded? Social contract hypothesis, almost as oldRead MoreWhy The Scottish Referendum Was The Right Of The People?2346 Words   |  10 Pages Throughout history, there has been a constant cycle of colonization by large and powerful governments and the ensuing struggle for independence. From the early empires of the Greeks and Roman colonizing the Mediterranean region during the classical period, to the colonization of the Americas, Africa and Asia by England, France, Spain and Portugal, to the Soviet Union, colonization has been a theme throughout history. In some cases, those being colonized have benefitted from the protectionRead MoreThe Roman Revolution1540 Words   |  7 Pagesrally against, this led to the uprising of the Roman aristocrats against the final Etruscan King, Lucius Tarquinius. Shortly after the fall of Etruscan rule, the Roman Republic created a constitution with t he Twelve Tables at its roots. The Roman government was very strong which allowed for Rome to expand, â€Å"Polybius, who was a Greek states-man held hostage in Rome, sought to explain Rome’s ability to prosper and expand. He concluded that the Roman Constitution was largely responsible for Rome’s success†Read MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell And Animal Farm Essay2095 Words   |  9 Pagesartists, whether they be writers or painters, can lay claim to such notoriety. This paper endeavors to prove his significance in both the artistic, political, and protest world, and how he managed to integrate seemingly disparate topics together in a flawless way. As such, this paper will proceed in the following way: first, a brief literature review of some of the published work in response to Animal Farm; second, a detailed analysis of the literature in comparison and contrast to the aforementionedRead MoreThomas Heilbroner s Twenty First Century Capitalism3106 Words   |  13 Pagesmission during the thousand-year period we call feudalism† (Ibid., p. 33). And although this millennium of history is much more complex than can be described here, basically the fall of the Roman Empire left Europe â€Å"without unifying law, currency, and government, broken into a crazy quilt of isolate and self-dependent towns, manorial estates, and petty fiefdoms† (Ibid., p. 34). And it was this very fragmentation of feudal life that made it possible for the transformation into a market economy to take placeRead More`` Twenty First Century Capitalism : The Two Realms Of Capitalism3107 Words   |  13 Pagesmission during the thousand-year perio d we call feudalism† (Ibid., p. 33). And although this millennium of history is much more complex than can be described here, basically the fall of the Roman Empire left Europe â€Å"without unifying law, currency, and government, broken into a crazy quilt of isolate and self-dependent towns, manorial estates, and petty fiefdoms† (Ibid., p. 34). And it was this very fragmentation of feudal life that made it possible for the transformation into a market economy to take placeRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38421 Words   |  154 Pages Jules. 11. Asimov, Isaac, 1920. 111. United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. IV.College of William and Mary. V. Title. VI. Series. Q175.55.B88 1985 303.4’83 84-1 4 1 59 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, D.C. 20402 Foreword Science and technology have had a major impact on society, and their impact is growing. By drastically changing our means of communication, the way we work, our housing, clothes, and food, ourRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38427 Words   |  154 PagesBergman, Jules. 11. Asimov, Isaac, 1920. 111. United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. IV.College of William and Mary. V. Title. VI. Series. Q175.55.B88 1985 303.4’83 84-1 4 1 59 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, D.C. 20402 Foreword Science and technology have had a major impact on society, and their impact is growing. By drastically changing our means of communication, the way we work, our housing, clothes, and food, our methodsRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesEDITION - PROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE STUDIES, SECOND EDITION HAROLD KERZNER, Ph.D. Division of Business Administration Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio John Wiley Sons, Inc. This book is printed on acid-free paper. @ Copyright O 2006 by John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in anyRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore

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Does Antidepressants Use in Teenagers Increase Suicide Rates

Introduction Teen depression is a serious condition that can be a devastating problem for both the child and parent. It is a disorder that reduces their moods thus causing loss of interest in things they should enjoy and make them irritable. In this literature review we are going to examine the use of antidepressants to treat teen depression. It will also look at the risks of suicides increased as a result of taking antidepressants and the measures taken to reduce this problem. Can antidepressants use in Teenagers increase suicide rates/thoughts? In the past few recent years, there has been a developing concern about the use of antidepressants in teenagers (13-20 years of age) as there has been increase in teen depression in the†¦show more content†¦Are antidepressants safe for teenagers? Depression is a treatable condition by the use of psychotherapy or counseling, drug therapy, and other measures can alleviate symptoms and help teenagers to succeed in school, develop and maintain healthy relationships and feel more self-confident. However depression in teenagers can be a very devastating problem for both the child and the parent. In most cases they both want to get back to the â€Å"normal† life that the teen had lead before. In many instances, the parents want to have the child on antidepressant in that it helps to reestablish the normal balance of chemicals in the brain. There are various classes of antidepressants used to treat depression in teenagers they include: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or other atypical antidepressants and tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) (Goodyer et al., 2007) In healthcare set up if a teenager with depression is prescribed an antidepressant the benefits and possible risks and side effects, instructions for the dose and timing, potential interactions with other prescriptions or non-prescriptions medication and alternatives to medication for example continued therapy. These medications for depression in teenagers are recommended but due to the numerous side effects associated with these drugs which is not safe for the teenagers and the availability of effective alternatives (SSRIs), TCA are lessShow MoreRelatedTeen Suicide Essay examples1443 Words   |  6 PagesSuicides are one of the leading causes of teen deaths in today’s society. The thought of one ending his or her life is developing in the minds of teenagers around the globe. â€Å"To kill oneself as a means of escape from poverty or disappointed love, or bodily or mental anguish, is the deed of coward rather than a brave man, because to run away from trouble is a form of co wardice. While it is true that the suicide braves death, he does it not for some noble object but to escape some ill† (Marcovitz 17)Read MoreEffects Of Depression And Its Effects On Young People2089 Words   |  9 PagesEvery 100 minutes a teenager commits suicide (Dave Pallone paragraph 1). Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicides in people under the age of 18. This isn’t the only effect of depression, but it is one of the many ongoing struggles teens face when battling this disorder. Between five hundred thousand to one million adolescents attempt suicide each year but thankfully, only a small amount of those attempts are successful. Teenage depression is a serious mental health issue thatRead MoreThe Effects Of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors3601 Words   |  15 Pagesfatigue, these are all symptoms of being a teenager, or perhaps an indication of a greater issue; childhood depression (Kazdin, 2006). Childhood depression has estimates of a 1-year prevalence as high as 2.5% in children and 8.3% in adolescence (Valnuck, Libby, Sills, Giese, Allen, 2004). This is a tragic suffering experienced by many youths, but in 1987 there was the introduction of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s). At first glance, antidepressants may seem to be the answer to a parentRead MoreHypothesis Teen Suicide875 Words   |  4 PagesOver a time span of one year, 2003 to 2004, suicide amongst children, especially teens has risen drastically. Contemplating suicide at any age is horrible. When a teenage, who has the ability to make informed decisions and has all the potential in the world, considers commit ting suicide, this is a tragedy. The tragedy suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people ages 15-24. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. This paper attempts to list theoriesRead MoreManagement of Bipolar Disorder in Adults and Diagnosis in Adolescent Children726 Words   |  3 Pageseffective when properly diagnosed, but there is a risk of suicide while undergoing therapy. Treatments for bipolar disorder our on the market but they can only treat the mania or the depression, which is why the patient needs to be under supervision. When a person does not follow the prescribed course of treatment the risk of suicide increases. Another problem with bipolar disorder is that it can be misdiagnosed in teenagers in going though puberty. There are two formsRead MoreSetting Up Sucide Prevention Programs1427 Words   |  6 Pagesbullying and sex education programs, but suicide, the third leading cause of adolescent deaths (Caine 1), is practically ignored. Many schools only offer hot lines for suicidal students. While some schools have implemented suicide prevention programs and the government has recognized teenage suicide as a growing problem, effective solutions need to be discovered and funded to prevent these catastrophic deaths. The U.S. federal government should develop and fund suicide prevention programs in high schoolsRead MoreColumbine High School Massacre : Self Control Theory Essay1709 Words   |  7 Pageswere both seniors. Collaboratively they murdered 12 students and 1 teacher. Aside from the kills they injured 21 other people, and an additional 3 more while trying to escape the horrendous event. After their killing rampage, the murderers committed suicide. The exact reason of why the committed this crime to this day is unclear. The personal journals of the two perpetrators referenced that they wanted the event to compete with those of the Oklahoma City bombing and other deadly events that happenedRead MoreWhat Causes Depression And Can It Be Prevented?1281 Words   |  6 Pagesthe high rate of depression-related suicide among teenagers. WHAT CAUSES DEPRESSION AND CAN IT BE PREVENTED? It s not known exactly what causes depression. As with many mental disorders, a variety of factors may be involved (Mayo). Depression often begins in the teens, 20s or 30s, but it can happen at any age. More women are diagnosed with depression more than men, but this may be due in part because women are more likely to seek treatment. There are a number of factors that may increase the chanceRead MoreSchool Shootings - Failures of Welfare Society Essay2034 Words   |  9 Pages Schools are no longer a safer environment for teenagers and children in today’s society. Every year, many young lives are taken away due to school shootings. School shootings are widespread issue that seek attention because of their dramatic and frighten nature. These shootings results teenagers who have been harassed or bullied into depression come back with the guns to get revenge. However, School shootings are becoming more and more of an everyday incident around the world. School shootingRead MoreSuicide Through The Lifespan Of Suicide2332 Words   |  10 PagesOverview The overview of suicide through the lifespan. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in Canada (Suicide Facts at a Glance, n.d.). In cases of suicide among the elderly, there are many social, psychological, and emotional pressures at play. Two of the most frequent causes of death among the elderly are a sense of social isolation and the loss of independence that comes with aging, often in the form of chronic illness or mental incapacitation. The paper is to investigate the research

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Innovation and Modern Management Technology - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Innovation and Modern Management Technology. Answer: Introduction Innovation and technology are one of the key aspects of gaining competitive advantage in the modern business industry. The recent global trends show that the developing countries are growing at a rapid rate and this has been possible due to the use of technology and innovation. Technology is one of the essential components of globalization and the developing countries are competing at equal level with global giants because they are able to gain competitive advantage due to innovation and technological prowess. This is very evident from the economic growth, gross domestic product and per capita income (Johnston and Marshall 2016). The new economies have taken a front seat in the global market by using creation, acquisition, dissemination, adaptation and knowledge use. Therefore, the organizations in developing economies have been able to adapt to the global context by using the restructuring their business and exploiting the available market opportunities by changing the global contex t (Jarle Gressgrd et al. 2014). The emerging giants are competing in various countries with established global giants. Several countries with time have opened up to foreign competition and it has altered the challenges faced by the companies. Thus, survival in such a market was tough but provided the local organizations with opportunities that were very lucrative (Camgni 2017). This review would be looking into four articles to find out about the different views of authors regarding this extensive topic of innovation and technology, and the way the organisations have been able to use it for overcoming hurdles and enabling them to challenge organisations that has been in business for long. Literature Review and Critical Evaluation The organizations that survived and had been able to capitalize on that opportunity have become among the top competitors in the market. Mahindra Mahindra won car of the year in SUV category when they launched Scorpio in the market and were the best sellers globally leaving behind the major players in the market. This was the advent of a new era which completely transformed the global market scenario and the present market scenario is the evidence that will prove it. Technology has been a major contributor in this aspect as technological superiority, research and developed is essential for competing with the bigger players in the market. As stated by, Kvochko (2013), information communication technology is the fastest growing industry which has created jobs for the populations in emerging countries. On the other hand, information communication technology is important for development and innovation of the businesses. There has been a rapid growth in using online media so leveraging n ew technology is very important for maintaining the competitiveness in the industry. The author has mentioned few impacts of technology on a growing economy, first is creation of jobs, second is advent of new industries and services, third is the growth in GDP, fourth is innovation in business and fifth is workforce transformation. Infosys, a multinational organization, is providing consulting, outsourcing and information technology services to the various clients. The emergence of information technology in a developing country like India has increased the GDP from 1.2 to 7.5 in a decade which shows that how positively the technological market can impact the economy of a developing country. The unemployment rate has decreased significantly which has in turn improved the disposable income and lifestyle of majority of the population. Studies have found that globally, innovation centres are a rise, as more and more established corporations are looking for a more proactive approach to bring in competitiveness and build complete strategic defence and offense as an answer to digital disruption, says Solis, Buvat and Khadikar (2016). Organisations have prepared themselves to be transitioning to the subsequent levels of their innovative empire building. Limited experimentation days are over and the organisations are looking out in the world for building genuine partnerships and turning inventive ideas into substantial results. It has become a situation of innovating largely or face the risk of falling far behind. Since, the founding of Henry Fords assembly line innovations, Ford has moved forward towards another fundamental revolution: changing from automobile to mobility services. The transformation has been driven by the organisations innovation centre at Silicon Valley. The centre swiftly became the audition platfor m for technological start-ups which are looking for displaying the way interface technologies have the capability of enhancing the experience for the customers of Ford. This innovation centre has employees who are concentrating on providing innovative solutions in the domain of mobility, automotive vehicles, connectivity, big data and customer experience. The capability that has arisen from these innovation centres help building successful relationships that have a wider spectrum of technology start-ups. Silicon Valley has continued their stance of being the centre of the worlds most dominating innovation empire a thriving location which is an innovative ecosystem having a cluster of innovation centres. The author has found out that Singapore has become the Fintech hub of Asia. On the other hand, India has fast risen to be the country hosting the maximum innovation centres. Bangalore in India is the Silicon Valley of the country. Australia is the latest entry in the list, with loca l companies setting up innovation centres. The authors previously found that the manufacturing companies have become aggressive in setting up innovation centres. In this research they have found that even financial companies have joined the bandwagon, competing against Fintech start-ups. Their research even found out that the dominant model for innovation centre rest in the accelerators. Organisations have started moving from experimentation towards a more structured model looking for large investments, management and engagement. Companies are now looking to get associated with latest trends. In this context, Big Data has stepped back, giving way to Internet of Things, Fintech and Digital Healthcare (Solis, Buvat and Khadikar 2016). As stated by Jaruzelski (2017), the recent trends in the market shows the global hub of research and development are shifting from developed countries to developing countries such as India and China. It has been common practise where organization spent on research and development in foreign nations. However, there is relative decrease in corporate innovation in Europe and United states has been benefited from. However, after Donald Trump came in to the picture, there has been strictness in immigration and the foreign students are preferring to study in universities in Canada. Thus, this will lead to a decrease in talent acquisition in the country and the similar thing is happening United Kingdom due to it exit from the European Union. Thus, the companies will conduct their research and development in countries where there is hub of talents and is a fast-growing economy. Thus, the growing developing economies come in to the picture and the hub of global research and development are sh ifting at a rapid rate. India and China have become the global hub of research and development, this trend will keep on shifting because the organizations like to spend in economies that are rapidly growing. Rolls- Royce, Ericsson, Bosch, Coolpad, Foxconn, Michelin, LeEco and Delta are few of the companies that have made huge research and development in growing nations like India. India and China have been dominating the global superpowers like United States in this respect and have sealed more than 57 ERD projects form the foreign investors. This because of the talent hub of both the countries and the market economy which is quite stable for the organization. Moreover, these engineering technologies are available in these countries at a cheaper price which is even more lucrative for the global companies. Moreover, the growth in economy has increased the disposable income of majority of the population so these organizations are getting better response from the companies in the market. According to Germany and Muralidharan (2001), the concept of value capture is already known to all the major companies in the global market. However, the companies are more focused on creating value rather than on capturing value. Thus, the organizations are more focused on generating revenue than on gaining profits. Thus, fine tuning of the business model will be an appropriate and continuously improving the lacking in their value chain will be the factor for increasing the profit margin. The concept is flawed where the organizations think of spending more on investments in order to generate more amount of revenue from the market. Thus, finding the key choke points will be the necessary for improving the profit margin for various organizations. Value capture consist of three important phases and they are proving value and feasibility of innovation, defining the game rules and maximization of value. In this context Amazon is an organization which has changed the thought process of all its competitors. Amazon has been able to create and capture value for it consumers which has made them the market leader. There has been immense transformation in the organization as the organization uses innovation to continuously make improvements to the overall processes. Thus, the gap within the supply chain and the overall business model is improved to capture value. It can be understood that by decreasing the overall cost structure Amazon has been able to capture value and increase their profit margin by keeping the investment constant. Conclusion Innovation and technology have become one of the key aspects of gaining competitive advantage in the modern business industry. The recent global trends show that the developing countries are growing at a rapid rate and this has been possible due to the use of technology and innovation. Technology is one of the essential components of globalization and the developing countries are competing at equal level with global giants because they are able to gain competitive advantage due to innovation and technological prowess. This review has looked into four articles to find out about the different views of authors regarding this extensive topic of innovation and technology, and the way the organisations have been able to use it for overcoming hurdles and enabling them to challenge organisations that has been in business for long. From the review it has been understood that globally innovation has been adopted by a lot of organisations, making it the most important element in their business processes. Different organisations have adopted innovation in different ways, either by changing their business model, or their approach to customers and competitors, improvement in work procedures, or something in the similar line. 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